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A Friendly school having proud of their students

Special Attention for Every Child

Pristine Public School is an unique institution born out of the understanding of the way the knowledge has to be imparted. Skills have to be built step by step with full understanding of the ways students learn at different stages. Pristine Public School nutures this process effectively. Each student is facilitated to be empowered to optomize his/her talent and potential to the fullest. ​ At Pristine Public School, the students's emotional, physical and intellectual facts are shaped with the energies of preserverance, thoughtfulness, dedication and support. Motivated mentors ensure the overall growth of the students. This equips the students with an innovative and creative way of learning.

EDUCATE, EMPOWER, ENGLIGHTEN in Service of Nurturing Talents.

Principal ~ ​​Masulin Arul G

Our Aims and Objectives

To, Impart quality education with English as the medium of instruction. To provide a safe, stimulating and secure environment in which all children can flourish. To help all children to be happy, confident and enthusiastic learners.

Our Vision

To identify and develop the holistic education by providing positive challenges, better learning environment and visionary mentors.
Create a life long learning community of children and parents who will respond to the future, preserve the past and enjoy the present.

Our Mission

To prepare each student for academic, social and personal success by creating a community of empowered and diverse learners striving to globally-minded citizens in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and trust.


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To encourage the development of skills and attitudes to promote lifelong learning. To enable all children to develop self discipline through self motivation. To foster an awareness of acceptable standards of work, attitude and behavior, both in and out of school. To help each child to become a responsible member of society.

School Classes

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and show you a firsthand look at our campus. Contact us by email or by telephone to make an enquiry. The entire admission team is ready to help you in anyways we can.
Pristine Public School inspires a passion for learning, pursues academic and creative excellence and is dedicated to the service of children.

Happy Children , Happy Parents